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Engineering Geology

Subsoil investigations, geotechnical surveys, subsoil reports, geotechnical reports, foundation consulting, engineering geological consulting.

Development of investigation concepts, proposal preparation, coordination of the scope of investigations with architects, planners and clients under technical, professional and economical aspects.

Development and exploration of subsoil by drilling in granular soil or bedrock, small ramming drilling, dynamic probing, pressure probing and other geophysical methods (seismic surveys, Georadar, ...).

Soil physical investigations (e.g. grain size analysis, determination of consistency boundaries, proctor density, determination of soil water content, shear tests, pressure tests) according to respectively valid norms and guidelines of soil works.

Development of subsoil reports/foundation reports, engineering geology reports, geotechnical reports and so on with detailed foundation proposals, soil static calculations, subsidence calculations, naming of soil parameters, recommendation for water evacuation during and after the construction time, recommendation for security measures for trenches (various trench constructions) and adjacent buildings (underpinning, injections). Considerations of different foundation options (single or strip foundation, raft foundation, drilled or rammed piles, vibro displacement compaction, …). Evaluation of the exposed soil on the construction site from physical point of views (e.g. capability of reinstallation) and under chemical-analytical aspects (pollution, utilization and disposal, ability of landfill disposal). Assessment of soil improvement measures by lime and/or cement addition.

Implementation of water infiltration experiment (USBR Earth-Manuel-method, Open-end-method) for exact determination of soil permeability. Development of reports about dimensions and building of water drainage systems for infiltration of precipitation water (infiltration ditch, depressions, …). Appraisal for assessments for cases of damage (e.g. subsidence, cracks, soil wetness).

Development of service specifications for earth works, water retention measures, trench security, calculation of soil stability, calculations of slope failure, consulting and participation in contract awarding meetings.

Further engineering geology consultations within the scope of earth works and foundation phase, inspection of trenchs, verification of compactions by means of static plate load test or dynamic drop plate, checking of performance of earth and foundation works of executive companies, accounting control.