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Environmental Geology

Investigation and reports of contaminated sites, environmental exploration, soil analysis, chemical analysis, environmental and geological consultation.

Development of investigation concepts, tender preparation, coordination of the scope of investigations with architects, planners and clients in technical, professional and economical aspects.

Conduction of historical research, record views at environmental authorities and other professional services, evaluation and assessment of existing reports and external or archive reports (deficit analysis). Inspection of sites and buildings as well as initial site evaluations.

Exploitation and exploration of subsoil of contaminated sites, potential contaminated sites, landfills drilling in soil and bedrock (including development of qualified groundwater monitoring sites), small ramming drilling as well as other geophysical techniques (seismic surveys, Georadar, …) for initial, subsequent, restricting and redevelopment investigations. Qualified sampling of soil, soil air, groundwater/water (sampling defined by LAGA PN 98).

Chemical analysis of all known pollutants by accredited laboratories (DAkkS) following the valid norms (DIN, VDI). Waste legislation declaration analysis (LAGA, DeponieV).

Development of reports of contaminated sites (initial evaluation, risk assessment, detailed investigations) with detailed evaluation of the spectra of pollutants found and consideration of the effects on release paths and therefore resulting risk potential for humans and environment.Preparation of redevelopment and security concepts with detailed evaluation of costs and risks (risk of payments under guarantees) prior to the decisions.

Development of soil management concepts and redevelopment plans according to § 13 BBodSchG including all necessary coordination with authorities for redevelopment and the responsible environmental authorities.

Development of occupational safety in accordance withBGR 128, provision of a coordinator with BGR 128-certificate.

Preparation of service specifications for earthwork, water retention and water purification processes, consultation and participation in contract awarding meetings for earthworks and redevelopment services.

Delivery of all required services within the scope of the electronic proof of waste disposal (eANV). Registration of the waste producers responsible for disposal with the ZKS, preparation of certifications of disposal and accompanying certificates with the electronical eANV-portal, implementation of electronical signatures, implementation of the register of waste.

Consulting activities for insurances relating cases of damage or accidents (e.g. oil fill damages, oil leakage from vehicles, chemical accidents, fire damage, liquid manure leakage). Cooperation with task forces of police, fire brigade, environmental authorities and professional companies; Coordination of trades until completion of all measures. Documentation of all works; also emergency service and 24-hour service.

Preparation of requests for installation of recycled construction material including explanatory report, initial coordination with environmental authorities under valid terms regarding the installation of recycled construction material, attaining the water and waste disposal permissions, monitoring and documentation of the installation of recycled construction material with the collaboration of the clients and earthworks companies.

Preparation of initial state reports (AZB) in accordance with IED-guideline (german law implementing the guideline of industrial emissions) at re-licencing or major changing of facilities according to 4. BImSchV (Bundesimmisionsschutzgesetz).

Expert attendance / construction management for earthworks and redevelopment measures including coordination of individual trades, documentation of measures, measurement of the provided services, etc. on-site; review of the services of earthworks and foundation projects of the executing companies, accounting control.

Further environmental consultations with purchase and sale of property as well as with contract design.