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Our team consults, plans and works out concepts, surveys and documentations for you in the areas of environmental geology, engineering geology and hydrogeology.

For GEOlogik GmbH every order means to provide a high quality performance under economic criteria within a specified period - a responsible task, which we will gladly meet.

The realization of our projects is therefore based on openness in consultation as well as efficient and flexible planning and implementation. For us economic and cost-conscious thinking and acting starts with neutral and objective determination of the required scope of work. Our team of qualified professionals with long-term experience ensures optimal implementation of all projects.

The close collaboration with accredited laboratories and drilling companies allows us to provide timely and competent processing of projects. We are at your disposal if you have any further questions concerning our company.

Artur Wilbers, Harald Oeder & Team

We work for

  • Property developer
  • Construction and destruction companies
  • Architects and planner
  • Banks and insurances
  • Project developer
  • Asset management companies
  • Foreign investors
  • Energy suppliers
  • Industrial companies (vehicle construction, chemical and pharmaceutical industry)
  • Petroleum companies, service station operator
  • Authorities (cities, districts...)
  • District and local courts
  • Municipal and transport utilities
  • Deutsche Bahn AG
  • Oil and gas companies
  • Disposal companies
  • Private clients

Overview of the team




Birthe Isenecker



Sarah Schlichtholz

B. A. Betriebswirtschaft und Management


Anne Brüggemann



Lennart Wilbers



Sina Menzel

Auszubildende Kauffrau für Büromanagement



Andrea Boländer

Dipl. Landschaftsökologin


Dr. Uwe Heede

Dr. rer. nat., Dipl. Geologe


Alexander Diemon

M. Sc. Geowissenschaften


Theresa Jabs

M. Sc. Geowissenschaften


Moritz Barth

M.Sc. Geowissenschaften


Miriam Feer

M.Sc. Biowissenschaften


Julia Bogatzki

Dipl. Geographin



Christoph Schmitz-Hartmann

Dipl. Geologe


Jonas van der Weem

M.Sc. Geowissenschaften


Iryna Röhr

M. Sc. Geowissenschaften


Stefan Gennerich

M.Sc. Geowissenschaften


Mechthild Kumpmann

Dipl. Ingenieurin



Debora Reinke

M. Sc. Geowissenschaften


Anja Lentz

M. Sc. Geowissenschaften


Anna Gehring

Dipl. Landschaftsökologin


Lina Hölscher

M. Sc. Wasserwissenschaften



Joseph Kahlich

M.Sc. Geowissenschaften


Andre Heck

M.Sc. Geowissenschaften


Artur Probst

B.Sc. Geowissenschaften



Timo Wilmsen



Christoph Lütke Wissing



Clement Boateng



Felix Koch

Auszubildender Baustoffprüfer


Florian Dewor

Auszubildender Baustoffprüfer